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Main Doors

For our fully customized all-wooden doors, it's not an option, but the standard: safety, design, and attention to detail are fundamental elements in their realization.


Timeless doors

The entrance door is the first detail of a building that catches the eye of onlookers. That's why the choice of a high-quality product that easily adapts to any architectural preference is essential.

Welcoming atmosphere

The warmth of wood

Versatile aesthetics

Greater symmetry and balance

Custom doors

All-wooden doors are designed to integrate well with a variety of architectural styles, ensuring harmonious adaptation to the surrounding environment. They can also be equipped with home automation systems for opening and closing via an app, without the need for a key.

Eco-friendly paints

The entrance as a calling card

Eco-friendly paints

Maximum expression: our doors are painted using a wide range of colors with water-based, eco-friendly paints that provide a ten-year warranty.

Attention to detail

Well-maintained details add a touch of quality


Contemporary lines and maximum security, including home automation systems


We create any solution as you desire, from traditional to contemporary styles, from straightforward to elaborate. Our doors are solid and visually impactful, ensuring a harmonious blend of security and aesthetics for an excellent result.

Technique and technology

Lines of thought from classical to contemporary

Technique and technology

The wooden entrance door translates into a contemporary representation of timeless classical aesthetics, in constant dialogue with technology.

Warm to the touch

Wood establishes a connection with the external environment but with zero heat loss

Doors with home automation opening

With unprecedented design flexibility, security takes on a new form: up to eight locking pins, an integrated anti-burglary acoustic module, and a complete access log via an app that controls door opening and closing. Opening with a key remains possible, as does the option of using a code, even a temporary one for your guests, or using fingerprint recognition.


Legno lamellare Legno lamellare

Laminated Wood

Our products are made entirely of laminated wood, durable and high-performing. Thanks to laminated technology (using 3 or 5 boards), it avoids the natural distortions of wood and is the only material that can ensure durability, sustainability, strength, and stability, as well as the possibility to renew and keep the product new over time.

Verniciatura Verniciatura

Finishing process

The window finishing process is carried out using eco-friendly water-based paints to eliminate the emission of solvents into the air and the environment. Additionally, our facility is equipped with a paint recovery system for unused paints, which are then reused: up to 70% of the paints used come from a recovery process.

Sicurezza Sicurezza


We provide all our fixtures with a strong ability to slow down and block attempts of break-ins. All our product lines come with certified hardware, and upon request, this resistance can be elevated to higher security levels as needed, up to the maximum security level RC2. Additionally, the integrated electric contact burglar alarm is compatible with all home automation systems.

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